About Us

Desilus Designs is a custom apparel printing and graphic design company established in 2017 by Danny Desilus in Central Florida at one of the largest universities in the nation.  We've worked on a number of projects throughout the country with individuals, university organizations and departments, state boards, and businesses. We also hold partnerships with numerous companies such as Dorsainvil Creative Group, We The Future, Live with Lamar, and Sincere.

At Desilus Designs, we provide printing services to individuals, apparel brands, organizations, companies, etc.  We also offer graphic services in flyers, logos, geo-filters, business cards, shirt designs, and more.  With an exception to screen printing, we have no minimums on prints and offer direct-to-garment (DTG), screen, vinyl, and all around sublimation printing.  Our motto is “bringing your ideas to life, and then some”, and we strive every day to make our motto a reality with the services that we provide our clients.

Printing Services 

Direct to Garment

A printing method that allows you to print full color (photorealistic) images directly on to the fabric. With DTG printing there’s no minimums, no set up fees, and no color restrictions. DTG is best suited for designs that demand many colors (4+), shadows or gradients, and is perfect for small orders where screen printing would not be cost effective.

Screen Printing

A printing method that uses screens to bring your designs to life. Each color of your design is turned into a screen, which is then printed one color at a time to fully print your design onto your garments. The more colors your design has, the more screens needed and the more time it takes to print your design. This is why screen printing is best suitable for orders of 24+ with designs that contain 3 colors or less.


Vinyl Printing

These are designs that are cut with an industrial cutting machine onto a vinyl sheet which is then carefully weeded to reveal the design. The design is then heat transferred onto your garment. Vinyl transfers can add a dramatic pop to your garments, and are best suitable for simpler designs with 1 or 2 colors such as names or objects.

All Around Sublimation Printing

All-over sublimation printing is a useful method to create striking and creative pieces. It's created by infusing a layer of ink directly onto the fabric, therefore covering a bigger surface space than DTG printers.  The possibilities are endless with all around printing, and the quality is unmatched as they’re printed on 100% polyester fabric and cut and sewn by hand.  All around sublimation printing is best suitable for custom jerseys or for designs that may extend to hard to reach areas of your garment.