The effects of Coronavirus on Custom Apparel and Graphic Design in America in 2020

How Coronavirus Has Affected The Custom Apparel & Graphic Design Industry In America

Just a few months ago everything was business as usual, but in March everything changed. The Coronavirus or COVID-19, has gripped the economic industry in America and everyone has taken a hit.

From small businesses to large enterprise companies, it has affected almost every aspect of American life. The Custom Apparel and Design industry has taken a direct hit from retail to online, nevertheless we are confident that we will conquer this momentous event in history.

Coronavirus and Money Heist and Ozark:
When we look back on the beginning of 2020, we will remember a few things: how the Coronavirus impacted our everyday lives and also the prominence of the Netflix shows Ozark and Money Heist. With most of America being under a stay at home order, two shows ratings have seen a major increase. They are the Netflix shows, Money Heist and Ozark.

Effects on Custom Apparel Design:
With many retail and other fashion design stores closing, the clothing industry will have to look at new ways of generating revenue in the midst of this crisis. Many fashion houses have shut down and the majority of custom orders are happening online.

Impact on Graphic Design:
With many people not too concerned about dressing up and going out, the Graphic Design and T Shirt sectors have seen a sharp decline in online T Shirt Design orders. The only industries that have seen an immediate jump in sales in the grocery and sanitizer supplies industries. However now has been the perfect time to roll out that business idea that you’ve been sitting on all year. Numerous startup companies are emerging in this time, and now has been one of the best opportunities to get a logo made.

Coronavirus effects on the Freelance Design Industry:
While many freelancers were hired in the past to do various online T Shirt Designs for small to large business, they are now looking for new ways to use their creative digital talents. Unemployment numbers are predicted to hit upwards of 30 Million.
With all of the economic impacts of the Coronavirus, most of the United States Economic affairs have come almost to a complete halt. I am confident that we will survive and surpass this as a nation as get back to better economic times.